6 Factors Highlighting the Importance of a Good User Experience in Online Payments

This is a guest article written by PayFast Payments are an integral part of the eCommerce experience and unfortunately they have played their part in the ongoing battle with cart abandonments.  Whether it’s due to a lack of payment options, cumbersome payment processes or poor design, what is clear is that a good user experience […]

uAfrica’s Shopify Meetups

Many of our merchants will be familiar with the uAfrica Shopify meetups we hosted in previous years.  What we found however, was that many merchants were looking for more in-depth information on setting up and managing their stores.  As a result, our newly designed Shopify meetups are now split into two versions, the Starter meetup and the […]

uAfrica’s Partner Program

uAfrica has an exclusive list of preferred partners and affiliates that we work with.  We refer clients to affiliates that provide services uAfrica doesn’t, for example setting up, developing or customising an online store or helping with SEO, social media and advertising.  There are different partners for different client needs, but chances are that we’ll be able to […]

SSL Certificate now available for Shopify stores

Shopify now offers SSL Certificates on most of their online stores.  Although Shopify’s checkout has been SSL enabled since their inception, the front end or catalogue portion of stores was traditionally not part of the SSL certificate, simply because it isn’t required to be secured at that level.  What this new feature means is that visitors […]

Selling in person with Shopify POS

Selling offline with Shopify POS While eCommerce in SA is growing fast, traditional in-store shopping still rules the roost when it comes to making sales.  For this reason, it is important for any online merchant to have an offline presence too.  Whether you sell from a market stand, exhibit at expos or have a permanent store, a […]