What Should You Charge Your Customers for Shipping?

Did you know that the main reason that people abandon their online shopping carts is because of unexpected shipping costs? (Statista, 2019) What you charge your customers for shipping can be a make-or-break element in the success of your online store. Although shipping should not be a profit-centre for you, shipping costs should also be […]

Dropshipping in South Africa: What is it and where do you start?

Dropshipping.   You’ve heard the term used before.  It’s the concept of selling someone else’s product, but not actually fulfilling the order.  The seller passes the order on to the manufacturer or supplier to fulfil orders directly to their customers.  The biggest difference between dropshipping and the standard retail model is that when it comes […]

Shipping in a Marketplace

This is a guest post written by bidorbuy Setting up your shipping in a marketplace is a very important aspect to being successful on bidorbuy.  It is important to understand the costs associated with your shipping to ensure everything is setup correctly on bidorbuy. The relationship you have with your preferred shipping partner will enable […]

Custom Shipping Zones

Until very recently Shopify merchants in South Africa have only been able to set up shipping rates based at province level.  This is not only cumbersome and inaccurate but it has frustrated many online merchants who need more control over the rates they present to their customers.  As a result we have developed our Custom Shipping […]